Why was this Page Created?

This page was created in an effort to inform coaches, athletes and parents of the dangers and disadvantages of sports specialization. Please feel free to look around and learn about sports specialization.


The tabs at the top of the page will help you navigate to different pages of this website. Each page was created specifically with each group in mind. Also, feel free to post your thoughts on our blog page. Thank you and enjoy!


-Bryant Michaelson

Site Creator and Author

Image by Trackingfootball.com (Link to https://www.trackingfootball.com/)

US Women's National Soccer Team Multi-Sport Athletes

Abby Wambach

- Played soccer and basketball in high school

Morgan Brian 

- Played soccer and basketball in high school.

Amy Rodriguez

- Played Soccer, swam, played softball and ran track.

Lauren Holiday

- Played soccer, ran track, played basketball and baseball.

Whitney Engen

- Played soccer, gymnastics, tennis, baseball, softball, swimming and volleyball (Rogers 2015).

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